Drunk Irish Zombies who Knit for Comfort and Also Taxidermied Raccoons

March 22, 2018 - 7:22pm -- swingbug

I hope everybody had a good St. Patrick’s Day. We went to the Irish pub down the way, which we do frequently, to hear a band that we enjoy, whom we also hear frequently. Except that there were all these people there. Like Chreasters only drunk. Huh. 

I don’t begrudge folk the right to have a whiskey or two on St. Paddy’s Day. That’s a thing; I get it. Being fairly sober amidst a mess of drunk people, though, is only entertaining for so long.

At one point I was in the restroom line with six rather drunk strangers. I was texting with a friend that I had left unattended in the bar while I undertook this rather lengthy adventure. One wobbly lady nearby yelled at me, “I hate that. Put your damned phone down and live in the moment!”

I blinked at her. “We’re in line for the toilet.”


I have decided that I will only go to the pub in the regular season and avoid the high-feast days.

Moving on...

Work’s been nuts. It’s left me a bit of a basket case. Duress is good for my knitting productivity, though. I’ve knit two hats, most of a sweater and I’m at least halfway through a shawl. (It only really gets serious if I start cranking out knitted zombies again. I think we all remember where that led...)

Two separate people recently recommended Jenny Lawson as a good match for me. I’m choosing to believe this is because she is funny and clever and not in any way due to my current fragile mental state. Either way, I picked up one of her books and it turns out she’s funny and clever. I recommend Furiously Happy. The bit about the freaky taxidermied raccoon and the cat rodeo was particularly entertaining. 

You should check it out. You’d like it. You know, because you’re funny and clever. 

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Submitted by ania on

I discovered Jenny Lawson last June. Read the book in one sitting. Tears rolling down my face I was laughing so hard.

Submitted by Amy on

We made that decision about the pub last year. Yikes. Love it on a quiet evening though when we have time - sadly, not as often as we'd like!

Submitted by Chezza on

Ahh, I always have fun there, even with the drunkards. I'll talk you into it next year. I had to look up Chreasters. How would I know something like that?