Wuthering the Storm

September 5, 2013 - 9:53pm -- swingbug

Whoosh. That's the way my days are going lately. Work's been a little hectic. Busy is good. I like feeling useful and I don't care for being bored, so I don't mind the busy. This is enough, though, that I'm coming home with my intellectual tank running on fumes. Things that take a certain amount of brain power have been going undone or underdone. Case in point, I cast on for another ribbed scarf over the weekend. This is getting serious. I'll have to change my Ravelry avatar to a knitted zombie soon. (Someone find me an amigurami pattern. You know there is one.)

I'm finding myself at home in the evening, realizing that I've taken no note of the weather conditions all day. I think if there had been a blizzard I would have noticed something amiss (most certainly if it knocked out the power) but aside from that, I've witnessed a sunrise and a sunset and can speak little for what happened in between. Except that somehow I didn't get enough stuff done. 

At some point this will level out. (Right?) I'll be happily meandering though cheerful little lines of code and coming home to cast on more than a plain vanilla sock on Size 2s because that's just where we're at right now.

My gothic literature knitting book group (yes, there is such a thing, and yes, it's perfectly normal; let it go) is about to start reading Wuthering Heights. On a whim, I looked up "Wuther" in the dictionary. The amalgam of accepted denotations breaks down to this:

wuth¬∑er  [wuhth-er] 
verb, British dialect
(of wind) to blow fiercely with a dull roaring sound; to shake vigorously

Yup. That about covers things right now. 

It should be noted that Urban Dictionary, who can always be counted on for edutainment, offered this alternative:

a substitution for a profane or comical expression

I like that one too. I'm going to start using it in conversation. As in, "Wuther this. I'm going to bed."

Good night. 

Note: I borrowed the photo from a pattern I recently purchased from Wee Sheep Knits because I feel it sums up my state of being. If it speaks to you too (brains... brains....), the pattern is for sale on Ravelry. 

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