Still Conferencing

July 11, 2013 - 4:43pm -- swingbug

I'm still conferencing. It's strange, but bouncing around in a building with 15,000 people can be surprisingly lonely. I'm not one of those folks that easily makes friends with whoever I'm sitting next to in a Python presentation. I'm a little jealous of the folks who are here with 20 people from their office. They have someone to have lunch with.

Not that I have time for lunch. My days are packed full of so much information I'm worried about the maximum capacity of my brain.

The conference is going well. I'm learning spectacular amounts of stuff. Often to the detriment of basic needs like food and sunshine. I'm running from session to session and in between tracking down the expert than can solve all my problems with whatever platform. By the time I blink and look around it's evening.

Thanks to the "phone" in my pocket, I can make do around the lack of comfortable human interaction. Sitting in a burger place last night watching the Padres game on TV, I was texting with my husband. I may have talked with more fellow conference folks over twitter than in person. And I'm posting photos and notes back to my office buddies on Google docs. My family can track my GPS signal to see where I'm at.

It's not the same, but it gets me through.

When I left the burger place and came back to the hotel, I opened the window and realized I'm so close to the baseball stadium, I can hear the music and the crowd from here. Maybe I should have crawled out of my shell and physically gone to the game. Another set of thousands of people I don't know. Nah.

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Submitted by Chezza on

You make me feel normal - although I probably would have gone to the game. :-)