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February 19, 2009 - 9:18pm -- swingbug

I spent a little time today traipsing through movie trailers for up and coming entertainment. There are some very promising films coming out in the blow-shit-up category.

Ian sent around the newest trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Thank you, friend Ian. I have chills. Looks like July for that one.

I hate waiting.

Finished Objects

January 11, 2009 - 10:10am -- swingbug

Now in post-holiday mode, I can knit without the burden of a deadline. That’s exciting. I’ve been finishing up some projects on my to-do list.

Death Warmed Over

Well Told

July 26, 2007 - 9:04am -- swingbug

On Sunday it hit 106º. Four days later, I’m pulling on a sweater and shutting the windows because it’s too bloody cold out. (To be fair, sweater weather is 65º in Shannon-Land – it’s not like there are icicles forming on the lawn or anything.) Last night while Shawn and I stayed up reading Harry Potter and making pumpkin ice cream it was probably in the 50s outside. A 50º temperature range over the course of a week seems like a lot to me.

The Book That Must Not Be Mentioned (No Spoilers)

July 23, 2007 - 2:23pm -- swingbug

This is a public service announcement. I am shutting myself up in a hole until Shawn and I have finished what my mother-in-law jestingly refers to as “The Book That Must Not Be Mentioned.” Do not call me and ask me what page I’m on or in what chapter I must be prepared with kleenex. I’m screening my calls. I have filters running on incoming emails that search for magical keywords and then places them into a junk mail folder. I’m avoiding TV, radio, specific internet locations, and all feathered members of the order Strigiformes. Stay away until I’ve finished the book.

Book 7

February 1, 2007 - 10:26am -- swingbug

Yes, I saw it. You can now pre-order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Amazon.com. Look I railed about this last time and see no real reason to repeat myself. I’ll simply state that any friend of mine who orders their copy of Harry Potter Book 7 from Amazon is disowned.

Go support your local bookstore. Don’t tell me you can’t afford it. If you can afford to buy a book the instant it becomes available in hardback, then you can shell out an extra $10 to buy it from a real bookstore.

Harry Potter and the Disappearing Bookstore

July 11, 2005 - 12:00am -- swingbug

Alright, people. I know that Harry Potter is coming out on Saturday and everyone's excited. I'm excited too. I've got my copy pre-ordered and I'm picking it up at midnight on Friday, in costume no-less. So yes, I'm excited.

"You're picking it up at midnight," you ask? "Gee, Shannon, you don't live next to Amazon's distribution site, do you?"

No. I don't. Now is your cue to say something like, "Wow, I didn't know that Walmart and Costco were open that late!"

Does anybody shop at bookstores anymore?!?!?

"But, Shannon, it's just so much cheaper."

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