So Tea Then

October 14, 2018 - 4:30pm -- swingbug

This week I guested on a podcast, gave a presentation at my python group, volunteered at my kid’s school, worked 40+ hours, and hosted a slumber party full of twelve-year olds at my house.

I’m a little tired now.

And somehow I feel like I didn’t get enough done, which both obvious and insane at the very same time.

I keep a running list in my head of the things that absolutely need to get done today, a list of which I rarely see the bottom. There’s three things on it for today that I should knock off before Monday morning dawns and it’s highly unlikely that this will happen.

Especially since right now I’m hiding in an old floppy sweatshirt and clutching a cup of tea on the front porch, either marshaling my forces or practicing my zombie stare. Not sure which.

But it smells like fall today and the sun is shining and it’s warm and windy in that kind of way that I love. And while I’m not at the bottom of the list, I’m scrapping the bottom of the barrel, if you get me.

So, tea.

For a few minutes anyway.