Here We Go Again

January 13, 2020 - 10:25pm -- swingbug

I walked into a ballet studio today for the first time in I think about two years. I thought I was done with that one. I really did. I was at a place where I really didn’t even miss it that much anymore.

But after work tonight I went digging through the back of my closet, dug out my old ballet slippers, blew the dust off, and put them back on my feet.

And it’s like riding a bike. Except you know how much you’re screwing everything up and how bad your posture has gotten. So, picking up this thing exactly where we left off then.

I ditched sparring practice at the dojang for this class tonight. But part of it came with me. I accidentally called my instructor “ma’am” twice, and at some point I realized there was a pile of quarter staffs in the corner (props for a theater piece I think) and my fingers were itching for them all through center.

But the dancing part? Feels like home.


Here we go again.

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Submitted by Amy on

I will always think of you as a ballerina - even when I saw pictures of you in your hockey gear, I saw the ballerina. Hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Submitted by swingbug on

Oh thank you Amy!