But I'm Catching Up

December 13, 2016 - 5:35am -- swingbug

Tuesday morning. 5 a.m. Airport coffee and a plastic chair. Tinsel on the airport art. Fa-la-la-la-la. 

Life's been a blur of work and Christmas. Throw in a new hockey bruise and you're up to speed. 

Every time I switch on the news, my stomach turns over. I keep switching it on though. I'm starting to wonder if I do it out of social responsibility or as a rubbernecker watching a slow-motion car wreck crash into Washington. 

The best I can do is take a deep breath, resist the urge to panic, and look to my local community for ways to help. 

Panicking again. 

Look, I've got a lot more to say on the topics of current events, and their impact on civil rights and science awareness, and if you keep hanging out here, you're going to hear it all. But, on account of being in the plastic airport chair at 5 a.m., let's do that another day, huh? When I'm less groggy and more coherent we'll take it all on together. 

We're certainly not going to get anywhere alone. 

In the meantime, I won a hockey tournament with some buddies from my league team, I passed a big professional geography exam, and I'm kind of behind on Christmas stuff, but I'm catching up. And that's me in a festive nutshell. (Nutmeg shell?)

Try to stay merry and bright out there folks. It's kind of cold outside.