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November 7, 2016 - 8:24pm -- swingbug
I Voted sticker

Alright, my mail-in ballot is filled out, signed and dated, and waiting for me to drop it off at my polling place first thing in the morning. (Yes, I could actually mail it, but I want to go get my sticker.)

I read a lot this year. Every proposition, from multiple sources, plus constructive debates with friends and family.

Someone told me the official 2016 ballot guide for the State of California is longer than Pride and Prejudice, and while the time I spent researching would have doubtlessly been more pleasantly spent with Bennett sisters at Longbourn, this is my right, and my privilege, and my fracking job.

I'm an American, I'm a California, and I'm a Woodlander, and my vote counts.

How about yours?

Please vote. It matters.

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