Ten Thousand T-Shirts

September 6, 2016 - 10:14pm -- swingbug

We had a nice holiday weekend around here. Between canoeing and a ball game, I snuck in sometime with my fix-me pile in the craft room. I'd call it a "mending" pile, but most of the stuff perched on that small mountain require more than just a little TLC with needle and thread. 

Here's one success story from the weekend. I won this t-shirt at a geography developers group meeting in Sacramento a couple of months ago. They give them out as trivia prizes for knowing things like how many degrees of longitude there are in a UTM zone. (It's 6, if you were dying to know.) 

These sorts of t-shirts accumulate, from user conferences and professional groups and whatnot. They're generally free and can't be counted on to be remotely your size. This one was at least two full sizes too big for me and a shade of baby blue that wasn't my preference. It's been sitting in the fix-me pile since I acquired it. On our lovely Monday off, I spent about an hour cutting it down by a few inches around the middle and resizing and resetting sleeves. Then my kid and I went after it with a tie-dye kit in the backyard. (I stole this part of the idea from my husband, who has a goodly amount of conference-acquired attire as well.) Now I have a shirt that fits and I will actually wear, plus we got to make a big mess so that's always a plus. 
I mention in case you too have ten thousands unworn conference t-shirts In the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Liberate them from the fix-me pile, my friends.
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Submitted by Katy on

Your refashioning/mending pile sounds very familiar (and we have the same pin magnet).