Star Wars Day

May 4, 2016 - 9:43pm -- swingbug

Happy Stars Wars Day, folks. I've been ultra busy lately, but nothing but the most important intergalactic business could keep from wishing you a happy May the Fourth. So here's a vaguely Star Wars-ish post for you.

A jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
I played in a hockey tournament on Sunday... and we lost. My four-man team did well for the first three games. We tied two games and lost one by one point. That's respectable. Then game four went like this:
"Hey Shannon, do you want to try playing defense for a game?"
"Uh, sure, I guess. But I don't have a whole lot of experience playing defense. I've done that, like, once."
"You'll be fine."
And we lost 4-0. Apparently stopping the puck requires more than jedi mind tricks. Sigh.

Laugh it up, fuzzball.
I fell down the stairs in my house on Monday. That was awesome. Yeah, I'm okay. I was home sick, and so likely my wits and balance weren't as sharp as usual, slipped on my hardwood stairs in my socks and went careening down the half a flight of stairs sending a full cup of tea, my iPad and my iPhone flying. I wound up with sitting on the landing covered in tea with two scraped elbows and a bruise the shape of (and nearly the size of) Montana blooming on my butt. The cat came into the hallway and helpfully sat down to stare at me. Laugh it up, fuzzball.

Slimy? My home this is!
As afore mentioned, I'm sick, so I'm feeling a little, well, slimy, and not as loquacious as I might otherwise be. But the resistance is mounting a defense and I expect I'll be on the mend soon enough. Until then, may the force be with you, friends.

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Submitted by Alliee on

Pathetic. I missed another sick day. By now I've probably lost the get well soon card I bought last summer anyway. Still, I do wish you'd mention on twitter that you've posted on your blog. I'm running nearly two months behind. Now I'm doing a Shannon binge.

Submitted by swingbug on

Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't feel that a particular blog post is applicable to the larger twitter community.