Travel Plans, Pygmy Marmosets, and the Evil that is Spammers

June 25, 2015 - 8:02pm -- swingbug

Between home/work/whatever, I've got a lot on my plate. Like, I need a platter. Or maybe a big industrial grill. Not sure. Just a whole lot of stuff going on. To complicate matters, I'm traveling so much this summer, the intervals at home feel like the vacation. If I don't look at the calendar I can avoid most of the panic, and rather just reduce the whole thing to the sort of low-level constant anxiety that belongs to small twitchy herbivores who expect to get eaten at any moment.

Remember that episode of Next Gen where the crew of the Enterprise de-evolved into random critters, and Captain Picard found himself turning into a pygmy marmoset? It's totally like that.

But home I am, right now anyway. And healthy. And the sun is shining. Maybe shining with a bit more emphatic industry than those of us in the Sacramento Valley can greet with equanimity, but let's not split hairs.

And in the way of a general housekeeping note, I was a little too enthusiastic cleaning out the spam that snuck through my comments filter this week, and I think I may have deleted some legitimate comments in recent posts. Oops. If that was you, it was nothing personal, please feel free to repost. If, on the other hand, you are trying to sell Canadian pharmiceuticals or any sort of bodily appendage enhancement procedures through my website, then I hereby order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or nearest convenient parallel dimension.

Thanks very much.