Home is Good

June 10, 2015 - 8:28pm -- swingbug

I've had a head cold. I've been traveling for work. I've been traveling for work with a head cold. Between cars and planes and cold meds, I feel muddled past the state of coherent sentences. 

I'm juggling a fair amount of stuff this week. With my above-discussed razor sharp mental reflexes, I feel like I'm just managing everything, but managing it all badly. And all I really want to do is huddle in a little ball in the dark and read the latest edition of Knitty undisturbed. 

def inspireKnitting (newPattern):
  if "sherlock" in newPattern.tags:
    if "neil gaiman" in newPattern.tags:
      if "blue moon fiber arts" in newPattern.tags:
        swingbugStartsKnitting = True

As I believe I've mentioned before, World Traveler Extraordinaire I am not. I'm navigating the world of rental cars and delayed flights alright, I think. It's pretty exhausting once you get home and permit yourself to be exhausted though. This last trip home my plane flew through the stacks and layers of warm clouds laid out over California like a blanket right now. They were beautiful. Beautiful in a humans-weren't-meant-to-see-this kind of way. And also rather turbulent.

The kiddo's been traveling too, to his grandparents house and back. All home this evening, we built a fort in the living room, made popcorn, and watch an Inspector Gadget cartoon. I still have the head cold, but here I have a reliable source of kleenex, my favorite tea, my family's companionship, and my big fat orange cat within arm's reach. Home is good. 

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Submitted by Amy on

I had a feeling you'd love that Knitty pattern! ;-) Glad you are home. Hope you feel better VERY soon!

Submitted by swingbug on

Oh dear, am I becoming predictable? :-)

Thanks, Amy! I'm on the mend.