Game Face

December 28, 2014 - 5:08pm -- swingbug

So it's the fourth day of Christmas. We ran the Bay Area traffic gauntlet, visited friends and family, and landed back home in time to have two full days of loafing around the house. Probably the last thing I should do, full of Christmas food as I am, but, my, did it feel good.

We like board games around here. I had a game get-together with a buddy on the solstice. Santa left us a few new games under the Christmas tree, and we left a few in our wake as we jetted around on our holiday travels. The last few days of loafing have been punctuated by plastic pieces, assorted tiles, the bounce of dice across cardboard surfaces, and a couple episodes of Tabletop

Here's a recitation of things I relearned this weekend:

  1. Every game I own comes with a wild card depicting a large, orange, fanged monster of amorphous shape that alternately harasses my pirates, levels my train routes, or chews on my battleships as the situation calls for.  

    (Shown above, as you can see, the orange fanged monster has got a ticket to ride, and he don't care.)
  2. No one in my family has a particularly good poker face.
  3. And also, I am not very mature.

    (giggle giggle snicker)
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