Halloween Part 3: Oral Hygiene and the Moral of the Story

October 31, 2014 - 9:04pm -- swingbug

As I've mentioned, I undertook a big steampunk project effort Halloween this year, which I'd love to show you but only finished it by the skin of my teeth (weird expression) and I haven't properly photographed it yet. 

I wore it to a friend's Halloween party last weekend and I was grateful for the opportunity to take it for a test drive, but it's a bit of an ordeal to put on, and long experience gained over many Halloweens has taught me that doing my regular job at a desk for eight hours in a corset makes me cranky by day's end. 

God bless women's lib and 21st century undergarments. 

So for the office, and for handing candy out to the hordes of goblins and princesses at the door, I worked up something simpler. I spent a few minutes digging around in my ribbon box for magic wand materials, spent a small amount of time doing some graphic design, and then harvested from my pre-existing hockey and ballet resources, and there.

Pro-Active Tooth Fairy:


It's a worthy point of note for myself that after dozens of dozens of hours slaving over my steampunk (which turned out well and I'm glad I undertook), and yet... I still had a ridiculous amount of fun bouncing around in an old tutu and my hockey jersey, plus I was comfortable and the whole thing cost me $10, no more than an hour of my time, and no stress. 

There's some kind of point in there, like a moral or something... If I could only suss it out...


Best of Happy Halloween wishes from me to you. Enjoy your sugar overload and remember to brush and floss.

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