Full Dark

October 8, 2014 - 7:15am -- swingbug

I looked outside last night at 7pm and it was well past dusk and moving on to full dark. I guess it's fall.

My summer hopes for a glorious pumpkin patch in my front yard fell short. The dry crunchy pumpkin vines out there have yielded one softball sized lumina and nothing else thus far. I did get some lovely pumpkin flowers anyway. And I can console myself that we're sticking to our advised water rationing guidelines, and also supporting my local farmers at the pumpkin patch down the road.

My own pumpkins may not be forth-coming, but Halloween certainly is. The kiddo's requested costume this year involves the fabric store and the hardware store in equal measure. Wish me luck. (I think I'm going to need it...) I spent the bulk of the weekend with needles, thread, and that most glorious of Halloween utensils, the hot glue gun. The sewing room floor is covered in fur that is not the cat's (mostly) and while I'm nowhere near done, progress has been made.

In other news, my hockey team broke an illustrious ten-game losing streak on Sunday. I contributed with one goal and also by getting whacked in the helmet by another player's stick, thus securing my team a power play. Way to use your head, right?

And that, my friends, is the sum of the interesting knowledge I have to impart to you on this early Wednesday morning in October. Sunlight on your road.

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