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April 7, 2014 - 4:18pm -- swingbug

I had an unorthodoxly sportish weekend. I played hockey on Friday, softball on Saturday, and hockey again on Sunday. Just about every muscle I have is sore to the point where it was too much to knit last night. I had been thinking I might pick up a ballet class this week, but now I think I'll curl up in a ball for a few days and wait for my body to start speaking to me again (or at least stop swearing at me).

The softball event was an office thing. One of my co-workers organized those of us who were interested into two teams. We spent a couple of weeks practicing with our teammates and razzing the competition, and then we had a big game and a barbeque in the park on Saturday. It was spectacularly good fun. My team lost, but not embarrassingly so and I'm looking forward to a rematch. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and letting the kiddos take turn at bat.

As to the hockey, I had my first league game on Sunday. A buddy from my skills and drills class has an entry-level team that was short a few players this season and was kind enough to let a couple of us newbies step in. So for the next couple of months I'm on a real team. They found a team jersey left over from previous seasons that's small enough to fit me and the whole team was tremendously supportive as I floundered my way through the game. I've been playing in pickup games for a couple months now, but in that setting, we never trouble with things like faceoffs or penalties, and we only turn on the score board to use the clock, so this was my first time with refs on the rink and, you know, rules. I missed some passes I should have caught and I know I was in the wrong place a lot of the time, but I did manage to score a goal and, in the end, we won 4-3. I think I did alright all things considered. And, man, was it ever fun.

Now I have a puck-shaped bruise on my forearm, sore muscles all over the place and I can't wait for next Sunday. Though I believe I'll try to keep it to one sport per weekend. I have geek creds I need to maintain.

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Submitted by Ruth on

Sounds like you continue to have more fun than any one human should reasonably expect. I rather miss my kids' hockey days...where might one go to watch your team play?