Halloween Part II: Super Plan

November 12, 2013 - 9:23am -- swingbug

My son decided fairly early this year that he was going to be a superhero of his own description for Halloween. That description itself continued to evolve/mutate with super speed, along with the various accoutrements which spanned from crowns to dragon tails to super symbols that "look like fire in the shape of bacon" (direct quote, that), but the idea itself stuck true.

When October rolled around we had filtered it down to "Supreme Man". Supreme Man originally had The Power Of The Universe And Also Volcanoes, but by Halloween it settled into The Power Of Everything. (Supreme Man has no weakness, in case you were going to ask.)

Every time he brought me a new idea, I'd say the same thing. Draw me a picture, Dude. And so Supreme Man was born. 


I tried my best to stay faithful to his original design. Generally once I start sewing, I put a moratorium on new design features, but it's hard to say no to a kid who says, "Thank you very much, Mommy. It looks wonderful the way it is. But I think I might be sneakier if I had a hood."

Supreme Man's debut on Halloween was successful, and he saved many pieces of candy from certain doom.

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