In the Margins

October 24, 2013 - 9:51pm -- swingbug

I keep a spiral notebook on my desk at the office. It's a work habit I picked up from my dad. And in that notebook, in addition to actual note-taking, I've been known to doodle. (Another habit I picked up from Dad, I believe.) 

I've just finished up a notebook and was moving on to another, when I decided to look back over a year and three-quarters full of doodles in the margins. This is idle stuff. When I'm sitting there on a long phone call, or through a lengthy staff meeting, or waiting to see if ArcMap is going to come back to life or if it's truly locked up good and proper. It's interesting to see what comes out of your mind when it's thinking about something else. Looking back over it I can watch seasons come and go with holidays and events that drift by.

I found it an interesting case study of my unfocused mind. Here are the highlights.

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Submitted by swingbug on

Me too. :-)
This hardly counts though.

Submitted by Alliee + on

Rather wonderful. The thing is the lined paper. Obviously notebook people should design notebooks with ample unlined spaced for doodles!!!

Submitted by swingbug on

Hockey! But I'm working on it. Also I don't sing in front of people unless I already don't like them. I can't wakeboard. And I can't really juggle… yet.