June 19, 2013 - 8:21pm -- swingbug

"Mom, do you want to play with me?"

"What are we playing?"

"Legend of Zelda."

"On the computer or real life?"


"Alright." I turn around. The kid's wearing a robin hood hat and brandishing a wooden sword. "So, you would be Link then?"

"Yes, and you're Princess Zelda."

"Good. Where's my sword?"

Big sigh. "You're the princess. The princess doesn't have a sword."

"Yes, well, Mommy is not that kind of princess. Where's my sword?"

"You have the magic of the triforce," he says, lilting his voice up at the end. A consolation.

"Nope. I want a sword."

"What about this?" He proffers a long bow, demonstrating the tautness of the string.

I scratch my chin. "Got a cross-bow?"

He raises an eyebrow. "Sure. But the ammo is magic."


He sheaths his sword and we shake on our accord. 

"Let's go get the triforce, Princess."

"Yep. Let me just grab my crown."

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Submitted by ania65 on

I don't think I ever got to be a princess. I was Crystal the Inuit though...and Edward the old engine.

Submitted by ania65 on

Lego series at the time...Arctic Explorers or some such....I made a great Eskimo...