May 15, 2013 - 8:26am -- swingbug

You may have noticed I'm back from vacation. Have been for about a week, actually. I apologize for the back-blogging. It's not a practice I generally approve of, but I didn't want to spend all my time in Hawaii formatting blog entries, so there you have it. I'll write on the go, but photo editing and spell-checking waits for the home turf.

Looking back over the blog entries regarding my vacation, I notice that they are mostly reflections regarding my past visits to that location in Hawaii. This is unintentionally skewed, I think, to the reality of my trip, which was full of new experiences with wonderful people whose company I enjoy very much. They don't play too heavily in my blogging for a couple of simple reasons:

1) A blow-by-blow account of my entire trip, as fascinating as it was for me, might be about as interesting to you as a detailed history of the spatula. Maybe less. I have tons more stories and eight gigs of photos and I'll only inflict them on you if you ask.

2) I resist blogging about the people in my life unless I'm certain they'd be down with it. It's a respect of privacy thing. Just because I choose to share portions of my life on the internet does not mean that I should make that choice for other people, so I try not to tell another person's stories, even if they're my stories too.

Moving on.

We got in late on a Saturday night, which shouldn't have felt late because we we're still running on Hawaii time internally. Except that travel is wearying, and traveling with a six-year-old is even more so (if for no other reason, because you end up carrying all of their stuff).

I spent the remainder of Sunday haphazardly tackling laundry and lazing around on the couch with a paperback, feeling hung-over without the benefit of a party the night before.

And now we're back. Into rehearsals and homework and meetings, school and the office. My birthday rolled around on last Tuesday and my husband asked me what I wanted to do. I blinked. "Stay home."

And speaking of rehearsals, we're almost down to it. We're rehearsing in the theater tonight and the performance starts Friday. Wish me luck!

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Submitted by Ruth on

Can you pease remind me of the performance details? I'd really like to go ...if at all possible.