Plate Juggling

March 8, 2013 - 11:16am -- swingbug

I've had a lot on my plate lately. (That's an interesting expression, isn't it? I think it's a more apt metaphor to say that I've had a whole lot of people standing around with empty plates asking me to make them something to eat. And we all know I'm not that creative in the kitchen.)

In any case, there's been a lot going on for the folks in Casa de Swingbug. I think the lot of us could use a break. And stuff starts to slip through the cracks when there's this much going on. Like the nice utility folks who called up yesterday to ask very politely, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could I please pay last month's bill? Oops. Right.

It's time for things to lighten up.

My kid's been real interested in the idea of when spring starts. There are flowers. Is it spring? But its still raining. Maybe not. We talked about equinoxes and days on calendars and even groundhogs.

But let me clue you all in to something. It's not spring yet because I'm still knitting a sweater.

Here's how this breaks down. Spring, in your particular area, is not heralded by the predictions of an overgrown rat in Pennsylvania, but rather by the needle contents of your local knitters. Once I've completed a nice warm sweater, it will promptly become spring, with all the glorious pleasant non-sweater weather implied therein. I've got about eight inches to go. Stay tuned.

All these plates stacking up? They've mostly got good stuff on them. School and music and work and books and dance (I have some interesting ballet news, but I'll save that for a future posting). It's just a bit much to juggle right now. And juggling is hard enough with those bean bag balls, let alone full ceramic plates.

Everybody remember to adjust your clocks on Saturday day. It's going to seem a little darker when we get up in the morning, but only for a little while.