Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

December 19, 2012 - 11:17pm -- swingbug

It's cold here. I'd say "unseasonably cold" but 'tis the season after all, so I guess that just makes it plain old cold. Early in the morning when I'm scraping ice off my car window I have more colorful adjectives for it.

It's so cold that I took a cape break to crack out hat. The bunnies on this beanie came from a chart in the Blue Rabbit Hat pattern by Mel Clark, intended for a baby, but why should babies get all the bunny beanies? I adapted the pattern to The Yarn Harlot's no-pattern hat, as described in Knitting Rules, a book every knitter should own and read.

The hat is adorned with 13 (coincidence) little alpaca-based bunnies. Luke and I have been reading the Bunnicula books so everytime I put it on I half expect one of them to bite my head off.

As per usual, details on the yarny goodness available on my Ravelry page for those so inclined to read them, or to make bobbled bunny beanies of their very own.



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