Neener Neener

September 15, 2010 - 7:24pm -- swingbug

Early yesterday morning before the sun was up, I was brushing my hair in the bathroom off the back room off our house. The back room is where we store craft stuff, the server closet, and our guests, when they come to call. In the mirror I caught a glance of something moving in said guest-storage-futon. I whirled around to see a blanket flip up over a giggling lump in the bed.

“You can’t see me!” a three-year-old voice sing-songed out. “Neener-neener-neener!”

“Where did you learn that from?” The lump just giggled.

Later that morning, I told Shawn, “Our son just neenered me.”

“I beg your pardon?”

I related the story.


“I didn’t know he neenered.”

“Oh yes, he’s been neenering for awhile now.”

The things you learn about your own child, and my how they grow.

Recently Shawn gave to Luke an old point-and-shoot camera that was lying around. He charged up the battery, popped in a memory card, and placed it in his small hands.

“This is your camera, Luke. Please take good care of it.”

Luke has been diligently documenting family life. Last night, we jacked Luke’s camera into the TV and watched a slideshow of the images he had captured. What amused and interested me the most was what he chose to make his subject. Perhaps it shall amuse you too. I give you Luke’s Debut as Photographer Extraordinaire.

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Submitted by Michael on

Just recently, at your house and Kirkwood I noticed something different in Luke. He is totally cute and clever and is learning the power of his words.
Only now he knows it. Innocence lost! Neener Neener

Submitted by Shawn on

When Luke started using the camera, he noticed an unfortunate behavior of the equipment. When you first turn on the camera, the LCD screen in the back turns on for about a second, and then turns off.

I only had to tell him once which button it was to turn the LCD screen on permanently, and he never had to ask again.