It’s Alive!

August 31, 2010 - 10:05pm -- swingbug

If you like to knit...

And if you like to knit socks...

And if you like to read gothic romantic horror/sci-fi novels while knitting foot garments made in the image of the monsters these books contain...

May I please direct you to a Ravelry group I very recently co-launched, Frankensocks?

And if you don’t do like to do these things, you may now return to your sad little gray-scale lives.

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Submitted by swingbug on

Yes, Robert, I would. Me and 82 other people, and that's just who's popped up in the last twenty hours or so. If I'm crazy, I'm crazy in good company.

Submitted by ania on

I hope it was clear that what I meant was...what sad people they are who don't knit and don't want to join Frankensocks....98 members last count.