All Hallows Eve

November 1, 2009 - 9:47am -- swingbug

Halloween has come and gone. We set the clocks back and it’s time now to shovel the remains of shattered pumpkins into garbage cans and clean up spider webs, bake some pumpkin bread and hide the candy from the kid. But before I start in on all that, I thought I’d give you a recap on our holiday.

My regular Saturday morning ballet class fell on Halloween day this year. In a class of at least 15 fully grown adults, all but one of us was in full costume (and boy did she feel silly). While the little ones in pre-ballet practiced pleés next door in perfect dress code, the big freaks in my class were boogying down doing frappés to “Devil Went Down to Georgia” while dressed as witches, zombies, fairies, and more. I wish I had pictures of the lot of us at barré, but the rather unique woman who runs our studio has some despotic and draconian policies regarding the usage of cameras in her classrooms. It was an awesome class though, and a tribute and testimony to my instructor that we can be completely silly and still sweat like crazy.

After class, Luke and I visited the local wool mill’s annual harvest festival with some friends. It was nice to shed the costumes and candy for hay bails, blue grass and sheep sheering. It felt real in the right ways. We had some bbq, Luke ran around in the hay, and I ran around trying to catch him.
By evening, we were suited up, one Peter Pan, one forest fairy, and one Bjoran Vedek. We handed out candy, took Luke around for trick-or-treats, and then ended up the evening at a Halloween Party. Luke stayed up too late and ate too much candy, as it should be.

I’m not going to go nuts with the photos here, because I’ve posted them all on my photos page:
DeArmond’s Halloween 2009
Yolo Wool Mill-In

But here’s a few costume pics with our respective inspirations. I hope you got rid of almost all of your Halloween candy, that your pumpkins made it through the night, and that your faith in the Great Pumpkin endures to another year.



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