Fair to Say

August 23, 2009 - 5:02pm -- swingbug

Shawn and I both entered some of our craft into the county fair this year, so on Friday night we journeyed out to the fair grounds (all of two miles - long trip) to see how we did and enjoy a corn dog or two.
Of my three entries in the textile exhibition, I took two first place ribbons, one in the children’s costume category and the other in the crocheted sweater category:

And of course I already knew my husband was awesome but it always pleases me when other people recognize it as well. Shawn entered several photos in the intermediate photography category and got a first place, a second, a few honorable mentions, and oh yeah, Best in Show! Hip hip huzzah for Shawn!

Further fair exploits are documented in my photo gallery. We did the standard rounds through the buildings and displays. We caught the ag building during the evening tasting: peaches, almonds, and honey oh my. We talked to cows and sheep and goats. We took a turn on the grass to the Bill Scholer Blues Band (not bad at all) and ran into some old swing dancing comrades from days long past at the Grad. I caught up with Miriam and Jeff in their Wear It Naturally hemp booth. Well met.

Luke boasted all week about how he was going to drive a tractor at the fair, and finally talked himself into sitting in the driver’s seat just before we left. An obligatory corn dog made our dinner and Luke had a train ride. A good fair, all in all.

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Submitted by Ama on

You guys are so cool. Way to go Shawn, beautiful photo! Talent every wear in this family.