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July 28, 2009 - 10:51am -- swingbug

I don’t really do the con scene. As much as I’d like to, I haven’t figured out a way to fit it into my schedule or pocketbook. I do watch a friend prep for DragonCon every year and drool over her costume proceedings. (I don’t think she’s posted any pictures of her costumes – dude, get on it – but you’ll have to trust me that her Rockford Peach costume is one of my favorites of all time.)

Anyway, ComicCon – one of the holy grail cons of the circuit – has come and gone and while I didn’t attend, I did vicarious visit by prowling through the blogs and tweets and articles about the goings on. This article had some fun stuff about new up and coming fun stuff (includes spoilers - beware), plus a great review of Felicia Day, which I thought topical to our recent Guild conversation, in addition to my general Dr. Horrible mania. I particularly enjoyed this quote: “All she needed was the announcement of a musical about cyborg Penny, and she'd have ruled the entire con.”

And while we’re talking Dr. Horrible and Felicia, did I ever show you my awesome Penny gloves? I didn’t? I found this pattern on Ravelry thanks to a fellow geek-in-training and instantly added it to my queue. Here they are, complete with frozen yogurt. I ended up making some pattern edits. If you knit and you’re thinking of casting on for these, check the comments on my Ravelry project page first.

As an aside, Ania65 says that my project photos won’t be complete until I get Nathan Fillion to sit next to me on a park bench while eating frozen yogurt. While I’m certain it wouldn’t be the oddest request he’s ever received from a fan, I think that it would still fall into the “scary stalker” category, so I’ll pass. But Ania, if you want to borrow my gloves and give him a call on your own, be my guest. I’ll bail you out of jail when the inevitable restraining order kicks in. What are friends for?

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Submitted by Megs on

He he he Perhaps I should make a few phone calls to arrange this ;)

Submitted by swingbug on

My online guilt trip inspired Carol-Anne to post pictures of her costumes. Huzzah!

Submitted by C-A on

Heeheehee :) Felicia Day will be at DragonCon this year! Nathan Fillion won't :( I suppose two years in a row would be too much goodness. We get Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy, and Kate Mulgrew instead! Now if only I had time to make a new cadet uniform before Labor Day...