Geekier and Geekier

July 22, 2009 - 8:39pm -- swingbug

I just discovered something about myself that I didn’t know. I like comic books. Who knew? It took me thirty-one years to get around to cracking one open and giving it a whirl.

I was expounding on this new revelation to a friend over lunch today. She leaned across the table. “You just keep getting geekier, don’t you?”

Takes one to know one, love. And she’s a Class 1 Neek, so she’d really know.

It started with Buffy, naturally. Joss Whedon wrote season eight of Buffy as a comic book, so I went into my local comic book store (which I have been in before, thank you very much - where do you think we get our Munchkin and Settlers expansion packs?) and casually asked if they carried it. The dude behind the counter took to me the Joss Whedon shrine. Buffy, Angel, Serenity, you name it. I looked at the guy, blinked, sat down on the floor, and muttered something intelligent like, “I’ll just stay here for a while.”

I had to leave eventually, of course; they don’t serve food there. But I walked out with an armful of comic books, and I plan to go back in the not to distant future. If you can come up with a less lame way to say, “I think comic books are neat; what should I read next?” to the guy behind the counter, please leave a comment below and let me know.

And in a similar story where Shannon discovers something light-years behind every other geek with an ethernet connection to the outside world, I just got around to watching The Guild. This whole making-good-entertaining-shows-for-free-web-distribution thing is wicked brilliant. God bless the internet. I ripped through season 1 today. Quite enjoying it and I expect those of you out there that actually do the WoW thing will like it even more (thought of you, James). Though the whole experience had the most likely unintended consequence of giving me an overwhelming desire to unplug and spend some quality time reading to my kid. (Thank you, Clara).

Off we go to the bookstore. You know, the tangible one... in the “real world” and stuff.

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Submitted by Amy on

Oooooohhhh Shannon! This is not good ... I totally have kids to feed and things to knit and .....crap, this Guild stuff is good!!

I will NOT read Joss' comic! I will not! I will not!

Uh....that was the comic book on Main street, right?


Submitted by Chezza on

Of course, I'm not going to ask to borrow the Serenity/Firefly stuff. Really, I'm not. Seriously, this neek isn't that bad (can I?)