Fan Girl

May 22, 2009 - 10:05am -- swingbug

When I heard Fan Boyswas coming to theaters in February, I was itching to get out to see it. Turns out it only debuted in a few select cities and Sacramento was not on the list. Shawn and I talked about driving out to San Francisco for this one. We really did. We went all the way to Vegas not to lay a single coin on a table but just to check out The Star Trek Experience, after all, so the thought of driving two hours for a movie wasn’t totally out of the realm of possibility for us. Couldn’t make it work though.

God bless this glowing age of technology though, where DVD releases are now competing with the box office as a real source of income for picture companies. Movies go to disc a hell of a lot faster than they used to, and Netflix, in its turn, brings the disc to me.

So last night Shawn and I sat down with the last bit of ice cream cake from my birthday and Fanboys the movie.

I must say, this is the best kind of stupid I’ve seen in a long time and I mean that in the best possible sense. If you haven’t heard of Fanboys, here’s a non-spoiler-ridden, one-line plot summary: a long time ago (1998) in a galaxy far far away (Ohio) a group of Star Wars geeks (geeks, not nerds) set out on an epic journey – nay, a quest – to break into Skywalker Ranch and be the first to see Episode I. This is their story, and they’re taking you with them.

Reportedly Kevin Smith saw an early screening of the film and loved it so much that he insisted on a cameo. That should give you a rough idea of what you’re in for.

This is a movie for Star Wars fans. Real fans. Fans committed on personal level to the story told in these six three films. If an image of the Millennium Falcon has ever graced your bedroom wall, if you have ever “had a bad feeling about this,” if you waited for hours outside a movie theater in 1998 wearing a cloak and lightsaber and cheered with all your fellow geeks when the opening credits rolled. . . if you get that, then this is a movie for you.

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