Quite Contrary

March 25, 2009 - 8:59am -- swingbug

One of the problems with vegetable plants being sold in six-packs is that you’re going to get six ripe somethings all at once. Some of these suckers are big. Shawn harvested a couple of bok choi last night and left them in the kitchen. I walked into the room and found that our dining table had disappeared underneath Audrey 2. Mean green mother from outer space, indeed.

With all the greens coming in at once, we took a page from Tomorrowland’s book and let one or two of each keep on growing and flower.

We found some surprising things.

Did you know that broccoli did this?

And bok choi?

To say nothing of cabbage.  Luke’s been running around these guys singing “O Christmas Tree.”

And how about this?

Okay, that’s a little boy throwing rocks.  I knew that they did that already, but he’s growing too.  Like a weed, so to speak.

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