The Starting Line

March 20, 2009 - 5:08pm -- swingbug

So Happy Friday. What a week, huh?

I started a new work project on Monday, the first step of which is gathering information from various local governments. Lots of phone calls and emails. Responses vary from, “Sure, have my data. Would you like a sandwich with that?” to “It’s a violation of national security for you to even be asking and operatives from Washington are bugging your house as we speak.” This is for the same data set, mind you. The Public Information Act meets Homeland Security, ladies and gentlemen. Please hold your applause.

Meanwhile I’m managing all this from my home office, which is a desk hovering above my toddler’s reach in a mine field of legos. My official requests for data sound less impressive with my kid hollering at my knees. I actually took one call locked in the bathroom today.

It’s been a long week.

I’m down to just the one knitting project, which is good because my left foot is getting cold. And speaking of accessories, I finally joined the borg collective and got one of those bluetooth headsets for my cell phone. So if it takes me an extra long time to answer don’t give up on me. Now I have to find the phone and the headset. This will probably cut down my phone bill. Resistance is futile.

The weather was so nice today, I actually put on shorts for the first time in months. Just in time to show off the brilliant purple bruise on my knee from a spectacular biff in pointe class on Monday night. I have a matching one on my butt. Don’t ask me how I managed to bruise two opposite sides of my body on one fall. I’m magic like that.

I started reading a new book, started a new recipe, started thinking about vacuuming the floor. Lots of starts this week. Friday rolled around faster than expected.

And here we are. Friday night. I have a movie care of Netflix sitting on top of the TV. Maybe if I start putting the kid to bed early enough I can start the movie and have time to finish it before I start nodding off.

Enjoy your weekend.

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