Well Told

July 26, 2007 - 9:04am -- swingbug

On Sunday it hit 106º. Four days later, I’m pulling on a sweater and shutting the windows because it’s too bloody cold out. (To be fair, sweater weather is 65º in Shannon-Land – it’s not like there are icicles forming on the lawn or anything.) Last night while Shawn and I stayed up reading Harry Potter and making pumpkin ice cream it was probably in the 50s outside. A 50º temperature range over the course of a week seems like a lot to me.

We finished The Book, by the way. At 2:00 a.m. we finally closed the back cover, bleary-eyed but content that we had seen Harry through to the end. I shall now resume normal communications by phone and email. Feel free to give me a ring and discuss. In this forum, however, I’ll prune my remarks to simply say this: It was a tale well told, J. K. Rowling. Well done.

For more Hogwarts fun, Fairy Tale Town is having a Harry Potter party on Saturday night. We’ll be there, I, in my usual Professor McGonagall raiments, Shawn, as a student yet to be sorted, and Luke, if all goes well, as a mandrake. Bring your ear muffs and come along.

Update: Pictures from Fairytale Town’s Harry Potter Night are now posted on my photos page.