Commercial Endorsement

April 17, 2007 - 10:05am -- swingbug

We interrupt this blog for a commercial advertisement.


I know a lot of people in the web and/or graphic design industries: my husband, my sister and her husband, my mother, and at least a half a dozen friends (a special shout out to my super helpful and talented friend Ian). I’ve been known to dip a toe in that business myself from time to time.

Recently, while redesigning a website for one of my mapping clients, I found myself needing some inexpensive photography and Shawn pointed me to a good site that may be of use to my friends out there, so I’m going to pass it on. Next time you’re in the market, check out Big Stock Photo. They have tons of downloadable photos on every subject, web quality for $2.50 and print quality for $5. The licensing is such that as long as you’re not going to turn around and directly sell the photo itself, you are welcome to use it for business and advertising uses. And get this, they’re local. They’re based in Davis.

And for my photographer friends, of which I also know quite a few, you can add your photography to their collection for a commission. Not bad.

So there you have it. Pass it on if it’s useful to you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogcast.

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