The Star Trader

August 16, 2006 - 12:00am -- swingbug

"So is this for you or is this a gift?"

I'm talking to the clerk in the Star Trader. One of the coolest stores in Disneyland, if you want my humble opinion, and one whole branch of it is dedicated to Star Wars stuff. This is the store you end up in after you come off the Star Tours ride, which, due to my delicate condition, I was not permitted ride. No trips to Endor for me. Sigh. A lamentable circumstance that I lamented over frequently. . . and loudly. But pregnant or no, I am allowed to peruse the store and as is so often the case, this is where my Disneyland souvenir came from this year.

"Both. I'll share it with my husband."

"Wow. You're buying Star Wars stuff for your husband? Most girls hate it when guys bring this kind of stuff home."

I shrug. "Not me. We're geeks."

As he's processing my credit card, he says, "So you don't need any light sabers or anything to go with that?"

"No, thanks. We have our own. My husband built them." In truth, mine has not yet been constructed, though plans are under way. It's a matter of finding the right LED cluster.

"Wow! Like from a kit or did he solder something together?"

"No kit. Just parts from the hardware store."

He blinks at me.

"Can I shake your hand?"