June 10, 2006 - 12:00am -- swingbug

Thursday was a busy day for me. I had a field survey starting at 5:30 am on Friday and was leaving straight there for a trip to Santa Cruz for my brother's graduation party, so I had a lot to do. I had so much to do, in fact, that I didn't get my survey prep done before I had to leave for my ballet class that evening. I almost skipped class just to get it done. The idea of having to go back to work after class before I could go home and get ready for the weekend adventure was not appealing to me. I grumbled about it for awhile before I finally decided to suck it up and go to my class.

I arrived irritated and flustered, threw on my leotard, and starting warming up at the bar.

It has long been my experience that a bad day at work makes for a good day in ballet and I guess that was the case here because I DID A TRIPLE PIROUETTE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE!!! My third time around wasn't necessarily pretty and I think my heel dropped down on the last bit, but I landed it and well enough to sashe into a rather triumphant arabesque that finished the combination.

I know most of you out there don't know what a triple pirouette is or why it's a big deal, but let me just say that after dancing for 4 years, this is a huge milestone for me. My instructor said I was the first student she's ever had to pull off a triple while 5 months pregnant. I guess it helps to have someone sitting on your center of balance.

So pardon me for bragging a bit and carrying on, but what the heck? It's my blog, right?




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