Wednesday Ramble

January 11, 2006 - 12:00am -- swingbug

I've made it through one full week back at the ballet studio after the holiday break. My instructor came back full of energy and ideas and she's stepped up the difficulty level in all her classes. After observing the change on Thursday and Saturday, I was truly afraid for last night's Intermediate II class. I made it through alright though. As per usual, if I'm feeling conflicted about something in my life, then chuck some dance at me. Our recital piece this year will be a petit allegro (read: lots of jumping) to a Vivaldi piece. That woman has a serious crush on Vivaldi.

I also found out last night that the costume that I've been working on for the studio's performance of Peter and the Wolf needs to be done in two weeks. Ack.

I fell asleep last night planning out my cuts and stitches on one half of my brain, while the other was busy committing a series of jumps to memory. This morning, I'm a tangle of french seams and pas de bourees that don't quite go together.

In other news, MacWorld opened yesterday and they have officially released the laptop I want. Maybe I'll find a spare $2000 in the gutter walking home or something. I found a quarter like that once, so it could happen.

Shawn's going to the Bay Area tonight so he can go to MacWorld tomorrow (his office pays him for that, if you can imagine) so I'm on my own tonight. I'm thinking of taking myself to dinner and a movie. Before I go home and chain myself to the sewing machine, that is.

Happy Wednesday.

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