Morning Streets

October 11, 2005 - 12:00am -- swingbug

This morning I had an ArcGIS user group meeting in Sacramento. Map geek stuff. I like these meetings. They're a little holiday for me. It was a nice morning. I like downtown Sacramento in the morning. The buildings aren't so high or so dense as to keep the sunshine off the streets like they can in San Francisco. I parked my car in a garage and walked on sunny sidewalks the 5 or 6 blocks to my meeting with a little bounce in my step. It was early. The shops were quiet. People on the streets were working towards their daily destinations, waiting at bus stops with coffee mugs. On K Street, I passed a man in a business suit. He smiled at me and I returned the gesture with a smile and a nod. "It's too early for dancing," he said to me with a chuckle as he passed. I stopped. Was I dancing? I didn't even realize.

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