Midnight Ramble

October 7, 2005 - 12:00am -- swingbug

I pulled a late night last night and finished up my pirate bodice. Done. Fits me well too. I'm pleased with it. Now I can stop scaring the neighbors. Let me explain. I made this bodice with a tried and true method known to many a renaissance fair seamstress...duct tape. Yep, duct tape. You put on an old t-shirt (preferably one you're not fond of) and take a deep breath and have a good friend bind you up in duct tape starting at the waist and looping around and around up the chest. Then, the good friend carefully cuts you out of the bodice and you shape you duct tape masterpiece into the bodice you'd like and cut it up for a pattern. Works great. You get a custom bodice built just like you. You also get strange looks from passersby gaping outside your front picture window wondering what kind of weird stuff you and your husband are into.

But after about a month of work, topped off with 5 hours last night pounding in grommets, I'm the proud owner of a pirate bodice. Arrr. My fingers are tender and my eyes are sleepy from all the work, but it's done. Huzzah.

Now I'm pulling another late night finishing up the layout for The Yolo Crow's fall edition. It's due out October 15th, which gives me exactly 9 days to get my act together. Excuse me, 8 days. It's after midnight.

This weekend I have another funeral to go to, so I have to get all this stuff done first.

I've been running around so much lately and doing so much stuff, I don't think I've been home for more than an hour at a stretch in two weeks unless I was at the computer with my editor hat on, or asleep. My husband is probably beginning to think I'm a figment of his imagination. I'm wiped. I want to veg. I want to loaf. I haven't loafed in a really long time. Work has been literary insane for that last two weeks. I haven't had time to even answer my email. I've just been jumping from one crisis to the next.

That's enough break time. Back to it so I can go to bed before the alarm clock goes off.

Goodnight everyone.

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