Monday in Disguise

August 17, 2005 - 12:00am -- swingbug

Yesterday I took my car in for its 90,000 mile check-up. I had a $199 coupon that I had been saving for this event on my frigerator door. Not that I'm so naive to believe that I could get in and out of the mechanics for $200 when I have 90k on my car. I was expecting $500. That seems to be the standard price for sneezing in an auto shop. Turned out to be $813 by the time I had to bail my car out at the end of the day. Apparently I needed new brakes, front and back. Ouch. It's not that I bad, I tell myself. At least I got out for less that $1000.

Note to self: Research relevance of superstition regarding knocking on wood.

This morning, Shawn and I get in the car and coast down the driveway. THUMP-A-THUMP-A-THUMP. We exchange dubious looks and repark the car. Flat tire. Way flat. Benny-the-Cab's-tires-after-they-had-been-dipped flat. Which is ironic because we could use a cab about now.

So now I need a new tire. Oh, wait. Now I need four new tires because I have all-wheel drive and I've had these tires about two years now which means that I'm going to have to replace the whole damn set.

They failed to mention that charming little attribute at the car dealership when they were going on about how well it would handle in the rain.

Once I got to work, my co-workers came into my office. Want to go to the coffee shop? Definitely. It is at this point that I realize that I forgot my wallet.

Today is a Monday in disguise. Sigh.

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