April 14, 2005 - 12:00am -- swingbug


TGFMBD. Thank God for my Back Up Drive.

There's nothing like a downed server to wake you up. I work for a small business and I'm what goes as tech support around here. I'm not a computer doctor. I'm certainly not a computer surgeon. I'm more comparable to a school nurse. I can put on band-aids, I can tell you that you should never stick that up your nose again, and I know when to call the real doctor.

Basically, I help computers with user problems and not the other way around. I solve what my husband euphemistically calls "keyboard interface errors." And I'm out of my league on this one.

The server kicked a few of my coworkers off this morning so I checked it out. It seemed okay. Wasn't locked up. No obvious signs of danger. So I restarted it and unknowingly started a war.

First it wouldn't boot at all. Lovely. Just spiffy. Finally I persuaded it to boot only so it could reject all my login passwords. Stupendous. I went through my bag of tricks to no avail. I called my husband (super genius) and went through his bag of tricks, also to no avail. Fine. I see. It's going to be like that. Fine. I ferreted around for the server installer disk and booted from my CD drive.

Riddle me this: What are the odds that my server would lock me out and the same precise moment that my optical drive would fail? Pretty bloody unlikely, according to my Apple tech support representative. In fact, he assured me that the particular error screen I was getting regarding the optical drive was one he had never seen before in all his years at Apple. Furthermore, no one in his office had ever seen it either AND it wasn't in their database.

I just love being special.

The entropy fairy is hiding under my desk with the big book of Murphy's law and giggling insanely.

The server has been down for hours now, and every employee at the office has come by to remind me of this fact, in case I didn't already know.

Note to staff: If I'm on the floor under the server untangling wires, then I know there is a problem with the server. Now get out of my office before I strangle you with this CAT 5 cable.

I have hit the brick wall that marks the end of my computer knowledge. There is nothing that I can do now except call the real IT guy and sit in the corner repeating...
EPILOGUE: My IT guy (whom I happen to be married to) swooped in and rescued my server. All is well. I think I'll get Shawn a super cape for Christmas.

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