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February 17, 2005 - 12:00am -- swingbug

Last year my car was broken into. I lost my backpack (ouch), my iPod (bastards), my writing composition book (rotten, dirty, little thieves), and a small leather book into which I had journaled my life for four years (if I ever catch you stupid, greedy, little @#$#s, you will regret the day you ever saw my car).

The good news is I'm not bitter.

You probably know this story already. I've been whining about it for a year to all my friends/family/pets/random people who will listen. And I suppose that you know me in some sense or you probably wouldn't be here reading this.

So why am I telling you this again? Last month my husband came home from MacWorld with an autographed copy of Wil Wheaton's new book "Just A Geek" and I eagerly awaited my turn to read it. It's a good book, by the way. I recommend it. Especially if you're a geek like me. In this book Wil talks about how he got into writing through keeping a weblog and I sat there with the book in my hands thinking Hey! No one can steal that! Brillant! In fact, I recalled vaguely hoping after the break-in that the dirty, rotten thief who stole my journal would think some part of my life was interesting enough to post online so perhaps I could download it. No luck. Sigh. It's probably just as well.

Anyway, so here we are. I've started a weblog so that I can keep track of my life. Feel free to keep track of it too, if you like.

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